EWS pursues a monitoring strategy based on three complementary pillars. Thanks to efficient and far-reaching continuous monitoring, identifying disparities in sports betting is made possible as follows:

EWS works closely with over 400 betting operators, some of whom are active internationally, and who have contractually undertaken to report any irregularities in their betting operations to EWS, as well as with gaming regulators. The efficiency of this warning system is based on voluntary cooperation on the part of the betting operators, and willingness to exchange information relevant to the betting market. Discretion is paramount and is ensured through a secure communication platform.
EWS operates an individually developed system for monitoring and analysing the global sports betting market. With this system, EWS specialists analyse the changes in odds and betting offers, track market liquidity (for pre-match and live betting) and obtain an overview of all the latest changes in the market.
EWS has at its disposal a vast network of information, based on contacts and service providers who are able to communicate details regarding the various markets (in particular the Asian betting market), current events and the various participants in sports and betting.

EWS’s clients benefit from monitoring activities carried out by specialists, tailored to their individual needs. In addition, FIFA offers additional support in the areas of investigation and sanctions. This kind of complete package provides significant benefits for all EWS’s cooperation partners and creates an excellent basis for protecting the integrity of sport.