The ever-increasing range of sports bets available, largely as a result of advances in new media and internet technology, is having a growing influence on football at national and international level. In the light of various betting scandals in recent years, FIFA set up an early warning system prior to the 2006 FIFA World CupTM in Germany and successfully piloted the scheme during the tournament. The experience gained prompted 2007's FIFA Congress in Zurich on 31 May to formalise the early warning system and employ it again for future competitions.


In essence, EWS pursues preventative integrity protection, and focuses on early identification. Since the company was founded, however, the international sports betting market has changed fundamentally. The trend towards live betting has caused difficulties in the early identification of irregularities. It has therefore become an important task of EWS to pass on analyses of movements in the sports betting market to FIFA, or the relevant client, in order to enable disciplinary penalties to be imposed.