Seminar 2011

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Sports Betting - Markets, Facts, Law

26 March 2011, Home of FIFA, Zurich


Dr. iur. Laila Mintas und Dr. iur. Urs Scherrer



Welcome note and introduction
Dr. iur. Laila Mintas , Lawyer, Berlin
Dr. iur. Urs Scherrer, Early Warning System GmbH, CEO


Restricted or unrestricted sports betting markets?
Effects of free and regulated markets and issues concerning Internet betting
Univ.-Prof. Dr. rer. oec. Dr. phil. Christian Werner , Private University Seeburg Castle, Professor and President
Question and Answer


Sports betting markets in the light of the case law of the European Court of Justice
Dr. iur. Remus Muresan, Scherrer Jenny & Partner, Lawyer
Question and Answer


Understanding sports betting terminology – from Asian handicap to double bets
Thomas Spöring, Early Warning System GmbH, Manager Competition Analysis and Communication
Question and Answer



Possibilities and limitations of monitoring systems in protecting the integrity of sport
Detlev Zenglein, Early Warning System GmbH, Head of Competition Analysis
Question and Answer


International football sanctioning practice for misconduct to sports betting
Ass. iur. Kai Ludwig, Scherrer Jenny & Partner, Attorney-at-Law
Question and Answer


From suspicion to sanction – the difficulty of providing evidence of sanctionable offences
Lic. iur. Marco Villiger, Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA),
Director of Legal Affairs
Question and Answer


Judicial evaluation of penalties imposed by associations in the area of sports betting, in particular CAS case law
Prof. Dr. iur. Ulrich Haas, University of Zurich, Institute of Legal Sciences
Question and Answer


Question, Answer and Conclusion


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